How do we make
life 'better'?

That's the question we asked ourselves.

Armed with a blank sheet of paper and an open mind, we set about challenging the status quo.

For many customers, protection products can seem complicated and ambiguous. This makes them feel that policies are designed to put the provider’s interests before their own.

It's this negative perception that makes the protection conversation much tougher for you. What’s more, overly complex underwriting and application processes can make your job even harder.

At Guardian, we think you and your clients deserve better.

You can’t be sure you’ve got the best cover unless you get advice.
That’s why we’re only making our policies available through advisers.

Katya MacLean

Chief Executive Officer

Now there's a better way

For us, 'better' isn't about changing one big thing. It's about constantly improving lots of little things that collectively make a big difference.

So, here are the 5 key benefits of choosing Guardian.

Each one is substantiated by the little things we've done to challenge 'typical' and make 'better' a reality.

  1. Products. Better by definition.

  2. Forward-thinking underwriting.

  3. Liberating technology.

  4. Fairness. Redefined.

  5. More meaningful customer care.