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Lump sum
Types of cover
Level Cover or Increasing Cover

Clear, comprehensive cover

Our focus is on providing the best possible cover for the most common illnesses. We aim to make our definitions clearer and more all-encompassing than the rest of the market. And, in many cases, we don't ask for detailed medical evidence - the word of a UK Consultant is all we need to pay out.

Fairer approach

Many providers don't offer policyholders a choice – they automatically include children's critical illness cover (usually £25,000) within an adult policy. The costs are included in the adult premium, so people pay for children's cover whether they want it or not. At Guardian, we take a fairer approach. Our Children's Critical Illness Protection is an optional extra, so your clients only pay for it if they want it.

A valuable option

Children's Critical Illness Protection is an optional extra and you can add it to a parent’s Life Protection, Critical Illness Protection or Combined Life and Critical Illness Protection at any time. It covers all natural, step or adopted children and those for whom the parent has parental responsibility or is a legal guardian. And they’re covered from birth to age 23.

Higher cover amounts

Typically, children's cover is limited to £25,000 because providers automatically include it in the adult cover. But, because we offer Children’s Critical Illness Protection as an optional extra, you can select any amount of cover between £10,000 and £100,000, limited to the parent’s sum assured. What’s more, if the parent has Increasing Cover, we’ll apply it to the children's cover too.

immediate cover

Children's Critical Illness Protection also benefits from Immediate Cover in the same way as the main cover on the policy. This is temporary cover, of the same type you've applied for, and it starts as soon as we receive the completed application form to make sure there are no gaps in your clients' protection.