Guardian Insights

  1. Mike Devaney
    The stamp duty holiday protection opportunity.
    The mortgage market, like many, was hit by Covid-19. The new-purchase market ground to a halt when valuation and estate agency services were suspended due to lockdown and social distancing measures.
  2. Mike Devaney
    How recommending an indexation option can help advisers add value.
    As we become a more digitally enabled society, inevitably advisers are being pitted against online aggregators and life providers for their protection clients. Online and direct channels offer a quick and slick process for effecting life insurance.
  3. Katya MacLean
    The fair way to tackle retrospection?
    The long-term insurance industry is, understandably, cautious. We’ve created a centuries-old specialist group, actuaries, who are professionally required to stand apart from short-term company gains and make sure long-term financial security is assured.
  4. Duncan Mosely
    Good enough is never enough.
    Early in my career, I was lucky enough to attend Manchester Business School's Service Excellence Study Tour. What I learnt from this experience is that great service doesn’t happen by accident.
  5. Mike Devaney
    Protecting your legacy.
    When you hear the phrase ‘legacy protection’ discussed in the financial services industry, the advice areas that come to mind tend to be estate planning and inheritance tax mitigation.
  6. Julie Hopkins
    Putting terminal illness at the forefront of the life cover conversation.
    Terminal illness is a common cause of claim under a life policy. From my experience, I would say for some portfolios around one in 10 claims can be for terminal illness, so it’s an important aspect of cover.
  7. Katya MacLean
    Changing the protection conversation.
    Protection is a social good that is undersold in today’s market. Why do so many people insure their pets and phone, but not themselves?
  8. Mike Devaney
    Family first.
    It’s a generally held view that most people first consider their protection needs when they’re taking out their first mortgage.
  9. Rachael Welsh
    Dear my future Financial Adviser, please get in touch now.
    The Financial Wellbeing Index has found that 47% of working adults don’t believe they’ll ever own their own home. That’s me. I’m one of those people.
  10. Mike Devaney
    Maybe tomorrow.
    Are we a nation of ditherers, dwellers and procrastinators, or is it just me?
  11. Rachael Welsh
    The rise of value-added services.
    I recently read research from Aegon that found 56% of advisers feel value-added services make clients more receptive to protection.